About Us

Born in Dominican Republic, I grew up in “Boriken, la isla del encanto”, now living in the “Sunshine state” and mother of two wonderful loving children and 2 amazing pets.

I am a warm and enthusiastic educator, raised with a family of teachers. I began teaching at the age of 21 for a private school that I previously attended during my childhood, then I moved on 2007 to the state of Florida and continued my journey as a teacher for our local public school district.

I enjoyed very much this time and cherish all the wonderful memories I had as an educator for students with disabilities. Later on, I worked for our local early learning coalition as a coach for the childcare providers in our community. I helped numerous providers to increase their quality of child care services, at this current moment I work for our local early intervention agency providing coaching services as an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist.

I am strongly committed to help families to reach their goals. I am a well traveled and versatile educator with a strong and solid background assisting families with children that have developmental delays that impact their child’s education. Besides this, I am fully bilingual and incorporate various forms of technology to engage families.

I look forward to assist your family with your unique educational needs.

“the best teachers, teach from the heart and not from the book”
-Elizabeth Collazo